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What is this?

Tired of the CD-players that break every year or MP3 players you can't control remotely and making playlists is a headache? You don't have to use them anymore! The multiroom background music player is intended to feed your audio content using only one computer.

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Who needs it?

This Multiroom Audio Player software can be used at trade centers, spa-centers, cafés, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, schools, theaters, concert halls, and also in the multiroom systems at private residences.

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Who are we?

WE ARE OUR OWN MOST EXACTING CUSTOMER and our topmost award is our SATISFIED CUSTOMER. We are constantly dealing with implementation of different projects in the audio industry and we know for sure what you really need!

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Multiroom audio broadcast software

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'Everything is simple and intuitive' — that's our slogan!

  • Trade centers

    To playback the audio from independent sources to different zones (rooms) with Multiroom Audio Player AMOZZ player you only need to know how many sources you have, how many zones you need, and GO AHEAD!

  • Fitness centers

    You need to play some music in the cardio zone to give the rhythm? Just choose the respective playlist and push the play button!

  • Education

    Imagine you need to play different tracks to different groups of students at the language courses. Is it a real task? Yes, of course, and now it is absolutely easy to perform.

  • Private residence

    Do you want to listen to some rock'n'roll at your barbecue zone? Just choose your favorite playlist. Do you want to wake up with your favorite tune? No problem! Choose the track you like and set the time when it has to be played. Maybe you need to make some 'noise effects' when you're not at home? Not a problem at all!

  • Theaters

    For this kind of our Customers we have a great zest. Imagine that in course of a theater play you need to playback the gentle beat of waves on a beach for a romantic scene and then at a certain moment a thunderstruck with the wails of the wind and a shout 'Hey, what are you doing here?!' Now you can do all this with just some hot keys press on your computer. All is easy!

  • Concert halls, parks, hotels

    Only the sky is the limit here! So many sources as many zones you have... You don't have to start the playback manually and go to the respective zone to listen if the music is not too loud in the foyer or the main hall anymore! Now you have all these functions on hand in one program screen. Take your tablet and edit the respective settings on the spot.


For 3 days in the end of June - beginning of July the biggest Ukrainian rock-festival 'The Best City' took place near Dnepropetrovsk.

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Best City music festival We have used Multiroom Audio PLayer AMOZzPLAYER for broadcasting the background music to the Fan-zones of our festival. There were four Fan-zones in general. The first idea was to use an independent hardware player or a PC in every zone but you can imagine the difficulties of work at the festival – there is always someone bothering you and the rental companies’ staff is always busy with their own job. In this kind of situation AMOZzPLAYER was a real salvation for me! We have managed not to distract at least three of our employees with this additional headache. With this solution there was no hustle with this question anymore – you could just push PLAY on the virtual player of the respective zone and voila! Everything works! Thank you guys for a really great product!!!
Alexander Bigun. REMI Rental company

After the company SoundHouse Pro was declared as The best Electro-Voice sound stadium installer for 2011 in January 2012, the reporters of the world's best pro audio magazines and the representatives of the BOSCH Security Systems have visited two stadiums of EURO-2012 football championship in March 2012: the NSC 'Olimpiyskiy' and 'Arena Lviv'.

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A very flexible, straightforward, and simple solution for a multiroom broadcast. In our project AMOZzPLAYER feeds signals to 16 different zones. We have a Dante card In our broadcasting PC that is connected to the Dante card of the Electro-Voice NetMax N8000 processor. The N8000 gets 16 audio streams and feeds them to its 16 physical outputs connected to the inputs of the amplifiers. That’s the whole system. So easy! The remote control and broadcast automatization is a very pleasant bonus. I really recommend this product!
Vladimir Vorodin, engineering construction company “Transexpo”

This summer the AMOZzPLAYER has been implemented for multiroom broadcasting systems on several projects in Ukraine. One of them was the new Trade Center “Kubometr” in Dnipro, that is the first and so far the only one trade center made of the sea containers in Ukraine.

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A very stable and easy to understand software! We have 4 zones with 4 different playlists and a fully automated commercial and general background music broadcast. The most useful and important feature for us was the possibility of feeding the AMOZzPLAYER with the audio from the satellite tuner through a physical input on the soundcard. In this way, I can switch to external background music source by a single push of the button on a tablet at any time. Another very useful feature is the possibility to connect an external desktop microphone for voice messages by the administrator. While in service, we have got certain requests regarding the software functionality that were implemented by the software team. I would highly recommend MultiRoom Audio Player - AMOZzPLAYER for any multizone project!
Roman Nazarenko, Media Manager of the retail and leisure complex “MOST-City Center” and “Cubometr”

Multiroom audio
broadcast software

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