Dnipro, Ukraine.

AMOZzPLAYER for the first in Ukraine sea container trade center “Kubometr”.

This summer the AMOZzPLAYER has been implemented for multizone broadcasting systems on several projects in Ukraine. One of them was the new Trade Center “Kubometr” in Dnipro, that is the first and so far the only one trade center made of the sea containers in Ukraine. Such an unusual construction material as sea container has turned out to be a pretty affordable and convenient solution to build a non-standard and creative structure with less effort, fewer investments, and in a very short period of time. To attract the customers and make their shopping time more convenient the new trade center (total square of 3,300sqm, 2,633sqm of which is for shops and 647sqm for the food court on the second floor) has been equipped with a background music system. This has been built of the wall speakers APart, multizone power amplifiers Electro-Voice and a PC with the multizone broadcasting AMOZzPLAYER.

AMOZzPLAYER is responsible for distribution of the background music and the sound from the stage at the food court on the second floor in case there is some interesting concert, as also the advertisement and information messages in the departments, hallways, and surrounding area. So AMOZzPLAYER became a reasonable and cost effective solution for the background music and public address system that perfectly fits the concept of the trade center – to offer the high quality and multifunctional product for an affordable price.

The idea of the Trade Center “Kubometr” was a feedback of the developers to the current economic situation in Ukraine, when most of the people cannot afford themselves shopping in the huge and expensive trade centers but the usual markets already don’t fit their requirements anymore.

A very stable and easy to understand software! We have 4 zones with 4 different playlists and a fully automated commercial and general background music broadcast. The most useful and important feature for us was the possibility of feeding the AMOZzPLAYER with the audio from the satellite tuner through a physical input on the soundcard. In this way, I can switch to external background music source by a single push of the button on a tablet at any time. Another very useful feature is the possibility to connect an external desktop microphone for voice messages by the administrator. While in service, we have got certain requests regarding the software functionality that were implemented by the software team. I would highly recommend AMOZzPLAYER for any multizone project!
Roman Nazarenko, Media Manager of the retail and leisure complex “MOST-City Center” and “Cubometr”