'The Best City' festival

Ukraine, Dnipro.

For 3 days in the end of June and beginning of July the biggest Ukrainian rock-festival 'The Best City' took place near Dnipro.

The festival was conducted in the village Novoselitsa near the city Dnipro. The choice of this place was predetermined by several factors: the available big areas have allowed to arrange several stages and to accommodate big amounts of guests, to make several tent camps, to arrange bathing beaches, football fields, volleyball courts and field kitchens.

The main goal of the festival 'The Best City.UA' was to make the first full-fledged three days’ open-air festival with the best European line-up in Ukraine. For the time when the main stages were empty there should have been some multizone system playing some background music and the number one choice was at hand — the multizone audio player AMOZ. There was used a 4/4 configuration. This system allowed to playback different audio tracks to the fan-zones and wake up the visitors by scheduled prerecorded audio messages. The prerecorded sounds like applauses, fanfares and so on were also constantly used in the 'tournament zones' with some volleyball courts, darts stands, football field and were started on the hotkey press on the mobile devices by the administrators. The system flexibility has allowed the customer to let their imagination fly free and build an AtMOZfere of a comfortable sound.

Best City music festival We have used AMOZzPLAYER for broadcasting the background music to the Fan-zones of our festival. There were four Fan-zones in general. The first idea was to use an independent hardware player or a PC in every zone but you can imagine the difficulties of work at the festival – there is always someone bothering you and the rental companies’ staff is always busy with their own job. In this kind of situation AMOZzPLAYER was a real salvation for me! We have managed not to distract at least three of our employees with this additional headache. With this solution there was no hustle with this question anymore – you could just push PLAY on the virtual player of the respective zone and voila! Everything works! Thank you guys for a really great product!!!
Alexander Bigun. REMI Rental company