1. What is this?

Tired of the CD-players that break every year or MP3 players you can't control remotely and making playlists is a headache? You don't have to use them anymore!

A multizone audio player is intended for background music playback using just one computer with 7.1 sound cards or external audio-interfaces.

You can also use a built-in audio-interface or any other stereo-interfaces, as also external USB/FireWire interfaces (sound cards).

How does it work?

You make your own PLAYLIST (a set of audio tracks) just by pulling the audio tracks to the previously installed AMOZzPlayer window. There are 8 available PLAYERS (sources). Now you can send the signal from any PLAYER to any sound card output. If you have a 7.1 sound card, you actually have 8 output channels (7+1). Now you can assign any of 8 existing players to any of your 8 zones (e.g. Room #1, #2 ... #8), set the volume, start/stop/pause the playback, make announcements, and so on. All these operations you can do from a computer and also from any of your Android or iOS device!

But these are not all the features! The software has much more of them:
— Scheduled playback start/stop for music/announcements in any zone at any time. The control is easy and intuitive.
— Programmable schedule for the advertisement playback.
— Any player can be preprogrammed for a start on a hotkey press.

More details about how these and other features work you may learn from our YouTube channel. Want to be aware of our latest news and player updates? Fill in the registration form and stay tuned!

2. Who needs it?

This software can be used at trade centers, spa-centers, cafés, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, schools, theaters, concert halls, as also in the multizone systems at private residencies. It can also be used at the training facilities where there are simultaneous training and learning sessions. AMOZ Player can be used EVERYWHERE where there are several zones (rooms) and they should be fed with different audio sources.

3. Who are we?

WE ARE OUR OWN MOST EXACTING CUSTOMER and our topmost award is our SATISFIED CUSTOMER. We are constantly dealing with implementation of different projects in the audio-industry and we know for sure what you really need!

We were accumulating our experience for many years while working in the project and distribution companies, rental companies and on stage. People trust us and as a result we are distributing the world known brands like Electro-Voice, BOSCH, and KLOTZ.

We have already implemented many different projects including two of the stadiums for the EURO 2012 football championship — the NSC 'OLIMPIYSKIY' in Kyiv and 'Arena Lviv' in Lviv. We are on pages of the world known magazines like MONDO, PROSOUND, PRODUCTION Partner, Promedianews. A satisfied customer is not a mere name for us but we put our maximum efforts for a 'SATISFIED CUSTOMER' would be the result of our work.