About Us

WE ARE OUR OWN MOST EXACTING CUSTOMER and our topmost award is our SATISFIED CUSTOMER. We are constantly dealing with implementation of different projects in the audio industry and we know for sure what you really need!
We were accumulating experience for many years while working in the project and distribution companies, rental companies and on stage. People trust us and as a result we are distributing the world known brands like Electro- Voice, BOSCH, and KLOTZ in Ukraine (the company SoundHousePro).

We have already implemented many different projects including two of the stadiums for the EURO 2012 football championship — NSC 'OLIMPIYSKIY' in Kyiv and 'Arena Lviv' in Lviv. We are on pages of the world known magazines like MONDO, PROSOUND, PRODUCTION Partner, Promedianews.

We have made this product first and most for our own needs. We know everything about the peculiarities of the required functions and how they can be implemented. We are absolutely sure we meet your expectations.

With best regards,
Your AMOZzPLAYER team.