Pechersk School International – the world level of education in Kyiv

Kyiv, Ukraine.

Pechersk School International is the educational institution providing world class school education and fluent English in Kyiv.

To measure up to exacting standards of the school several auxiliary buildings of the complex undergo reconstruction at the moment. There are several projects under execution and namely: general public address system, stage lighting and video feed system for the school hall, and a general multizone broadcasting sys-tem. According to the project there will be a central sound broadcasting system with the Electro-Voice N8000 controlling matrix processor able to manage the matrix system of 32x32 audio chan-nels.

Apart of the school hall, the power amplifica-tion system will be installed at:

- multifunctional sports hall;

- central hall;

- dining hall;

- swimming pool.

General control of the audio content and mes-sages will be executed by the multizone broad-casting software AMOZz Player with the follow-ing functionality:

- independent broadcasting to every zone;

- combining independent zones into groups;

- individual playlists for every teacher;

- automatic switching broadcasting ON/OFF for every zone;

- remote control of the whole system over the local network or via any type of portable device using Internet connec-tion and web-interface.

Using AMOZz Player is an ideal complex solution for the challenges at PSI which is the most con-venient, comfortable, and affordable on the market allowing the authorized users to control the whole broadcasting system.