Pravda Park

AMOZzPLAYER in the fan-zone for EURO 2016

The company SoundHouse PRO has accomplished several great projects using our software multizone broadcasting player this summer. One of them was the fan-zone of the marquee ‘Pravda-Park’ in Dnipro that was opened right before the start of this year’s most important event for all the football fans – the EURO 2016.

Watching the football matches between the world- class teams attracts the attention of most men and many women all over the world and Dnipro is not an exception. Actually, this city already has a tradition of watching the football games on large screens outside that was started in 2012. Now there is another place where the residents and guests of the Left bank of Dnipro can enjoy their favorite game together with their soul mates – the ‘Pravda Park’ marquee near the trade center ‘Nasha Pravda’. It is a big food court under a big marquee stretched from two central towers one of which holds a large LED screen showing the football games, movies, music clips, social and commercial ads. In front of the screen, there are tables for the visitors of the food court and the football fans. The sound for this court comes from the Electro-Voice loudspeakers placed on the side columns on the corners of the court.

‘Pravda Park’ also has an open square with a stage that is equipped with an Electro-Voice PA system and a set of lighting equipment. Here they arrange entertainment events and concerts on holidays and weekends and it also serves as an ‘open stage’ for everyone in the rest of the time.

The whole system is controlled from one point. The control ‘room’ was arranged in an old Soviet car ‘Moskvitch’ that was renovated and its interior rebuilt to fit its new mission. The RACK with all the power amplifiers and sound processor as also the mixing console, karaoke system and lighting control is placed right inside the car that looks very comfortable and practical.

The finishing touch in this system was a small and low budget yet very powerful and useful component – our AMOZzPLAYER used in the trade center nearby. It is used for background music playback and feeding the commercials on schedule. It helps to operate the background music system of ‘Pravda Park’ in a fully automated standalone mode. So a simple task for background music at an outdoor court is solved with simple yet reliable solutions.

We have only one zone so we use AMOZzPLAYER in a non-standard way but we have decided to use AMOZzPLAYER for one simple reason – it helps us to automate the broadcasting of commercials. Another useful feature for us is the possibility of remote control that saves a lot of time. Thank you guys for very comfortable software!
Anton Kurasov, Operating engineer of the retail and leisure complex “PRAVDA”