Kyiv, Ukraine.

There are many good restaurants in Kyiv that specialize in different national cuisines but probably the biggest Asian restaurant is ‘Koya’ that is very comfortably situated in the trade and business center ‘Arena City’ in the very heart of the city near the Bessarabska square.

The restaurant ‘Koya’ occupies three floors and each one of them has its own concept – the first floor is a classical bar with a great cocktail menu and live DJ-sets Thursday to Saturday. The second floor houses a Japanese restaurant with sushi bar and a traditional robata grill in the center of the hall where the guests may watch how their orders are cooked and adore the cook’s performance shows. The third floor with the ‘KOYA ROOFTOP Restaurant & Bar’ is a synergy of the first two floors – a modern restaurant of Asian cuisine with a refined cocktail menu seasoned with live performances on the stage right in the middle of the hall.

The hall of ‘KOYA ROOFTOP Restaurant & Bar’ has been extended nearly by 2.5 times recently which required a new PA solution. This has allowed the company SoundHouse PRO not just to extend the previously installed Electro-Voice loudspeaker system for the stage and in the hall but also to convince the management of the restaurant to build a background music system for the entire complex. To meet the new room size and conditions, the available Electro-Voice PA system on the stage was upgraded and extended, they have also installed auxiliary loudspeaker systems in the hall that serve as delay lines to secure a high flatness of the frequency response all over the floor. There have been added two VIP-zones to the main hall. One of them is a completely isolated room and the other one is just a separate part in the end of the hall. As a result, this new structure has required a multizone background music system and our AMOZzPLAYER was of a right service for it.

The whole complex is basically divided into following zones – bar on the first floor, restaurant on the second floor, restaurant with two VIP-zones on the third floor, plus lavatories and service rooms. The multizone broadcasting software AMOZzPLAYER was installed on a PC and through the Audinate Dante Virtual Sound card is connected over a standard Ethernet cable to the Dante module Electro-Voice DM-1 installed to the sound processor Electro-Voice N8000. This processor is placed in a system RACK with all the power amplifiers in the equipment room. It gathers all the signals coming from the stage and routes them to the power amplifiers for all the zones in the system. In this way the combination of AMOZzPLAYER + DVS + N8000 + DM-1 makes up to 16 completely independent broadcasting zones with the possibility to apply filters, delays, frequency and dynamics processing to the signal broadcasted to each independent zone.

Each zone including the VIP-zones may have its own background music from the music server that fits general music content style of the restaurant, or it can be a broadcast of the live performance on the stage –intellectual lounge, progressive dance music and intelligent house only.

So once again the AMOZzPLAYER has demonstrated its flexibility and high functionality that makes the job easier both to the installing company and the staff that works with it after the installation. As for the quality of the installed Electro-Voice sound system, it is unquestionable and you can experience it yourself anytime, especially during the coming season holidays.