Dnipro, Ukraine.

AMOZzPLAYER helps to create the happy mood at the first aqua-park in Dnipro.

The first true aqua-park with pools, different slides, bar, and restaurants has opened its doors to the visitors this summer in Dnipro (Ukraine). The 'Happy Day' aquapark has a choice of 7 different slides, a big pool of more than 1000sqm with 2 big Jacuzzis for 20 persons each, a huge wading pool, a beach zone, a bar, and restaurants, all this accompanied by a pleasant background music broadcasted by AMOZzPLAYER.

AMOZzPLAYER is responsible for distribution of the background music and the sound from the stage at the food court on the second floor in case there is some interesting concert, as also the advertisement and information messages in the departments, hallways, and surrounding area. So AMOZzPLAYER became a reasonable and cost effective solution for the background music and public address system that perfectly fits the concept of the trade center – to offer the high quality and multifunctional product for an affordable price.

Such kind of entertainment centers with many visitors and separated zones for different ages intend a multizone public address system that allows feeding each zone with different music programs for certain public. There are usually two variants of making this system – an expensive one and a cheap one.

A more expensive variant means the installation of a special public address system with life safety functions and several hardware players. It requires staff with special programming and servicing skills but is very reliable and can work in a full stand-alone mode. The cheap version is far less convenient and reliable, it usually consists of several consumer grade CD/DVD/MP3 players connected to the multizone transformer amplifiers and the whole system is operated in manual mode only. A cheap but very inconvenient and not reliable operation. Our multizone software player AMOZzPLAYER offers you a far easier and much more cost-effective solution. To use it you only need one or more multizone power amplifiers depending on the number of the zones, a PC with a multichannel sound card, and the loudspeaker lines. The playback list programming requires average smartphone skills and doesn’t take much time. You should only choose the list of titles from your HDD/CD/DVD or set a preferred web-radio for certain zones or group of zones. The set up ends with setting the required sound level that you can do from any of your portable devices simply by using the web-interface and the Internet connection on the spot. As the aquapark Happy Day’s staff say it is a joy to work with AMOZzPLAYER! The background music system of the Happy Day aqua-park consists of the all-weather APart loudspeakers powered by the two-channel Electro-Voice PA2250T power amps. There is also a court near the HD Bar in the center of the aqua-park hosting parties with popular DJ’s nearly every day. This place is equipped with a separate PA system consisting of four compact yet powerful tops Electro-Voice Zx3-90 installed around the bar and four subwoofers switched in a cardioid mode. With the new aquapark Dnipro has gained new entertainment possibilities for its citizens and visitors and we are happy that our AMOZzPLAYER made its contribution into making the atmosphere of joy and happiness in the Happy Day aqua-park!

Aquapark Happy Day Great thanks to the guys from AMOZzPLAYER for their simple and comfortable software. We have several zones where we can feed different music content depending on the time of the day. The most important feature for us is the fully automatic background music broadcast to different zones without any efforts from our staff. The system was configured at the beginning and now it runs completely in a stand-alone mode, we only change the list of commercials… It is not the first and not the only one of our projects and we plan to continue our cooperation with AMOZzPLAYER.
Artem Prokopchuk, Managing Director of Aquapark Happy Day